We encourage members of the public who were linked to the Raleigh factory, or who have access to Raleigh materials, to send in their contributions to the site for others to enjoy.

Materials will not appear on the site until they have been checked by a member of the I Worked At Raleigh team. Additionally, you will need to provide a valid email address during the submission process; you will need to click on a link sent to that address before the submission of your materials is considered to be complete.

You may contribute images, videos or audio recordings. You can upload files straight from your computer, but if they are particularly big then it might be easier to upload them to an internet service such as Vimeo first and then send us the link.

We ask that you suggest a title for the materials that you contribute. If possible, we would appreciate a brief description as well.

As a final step, we will ask you to tag your materials. A set of suggested tags will be shown, and you will be asked to tag the most appropriate ones to help us categorise where your materials should be shown within the site.


If you want to contribute an image, video or audio file for consideration, then please click here.